Belinda Blair is a singer/songwriter, recording artist, performer and bandleader. Born in Baltimore, Md., she studied music and theatre at Towson State University. Leaving school early, she embarked on a grassroots tour of Europe that began on the streets of Paris.

Belinda performed with Charlie Hunter, the late Calder Spanier and Mark Bouchard among others and fell under the influence of a young, international jazz scene lead by British and American players. She ended up staying in Europe for 8 more years, living and performing in Paris, London and Zurich.

Belinda expanded her musical talents beyond the tortured jazz/blues singer while touring Europe in a variety of acts. These included a jump blues band, a motown group, an acoustic indie rock band and an electronica outfit.

Returning to the states to settle in San Francisco, she studied music, theatre and performance art at San Francisco State. She completed her B.A. and earned a Masters degree in Dramatic Arts.

Belinda formed swing band, Jellyroll, with drummer Steve Dekrone and recorded 2 CDs, receiving a CA Music Award for Outstanding Lounge/Swing Act. Five of their songs were featured in the movie, Swing, starring Jacqueline Bisset and Jonathan Winters. As an offshoot of Jellyroll, she put together the Blair Jazz Project, an intimate, sultry jazz trio covering what she calls the蠟pain & suffering sets蠡ala Billie Holiday.

Belinda also formed indie rock band, The Earthlings, with Russian guitarist Konstantine Baranov and bassist Edo Castro and recorded 2 CDs. They took their hypnotic style of layering effects, guitar and vocals further by recording an album, Life Copies Movies, with Constantin Gavrilov, whose drum and keyboard loops rooted their music in alternative electronica.

Developing her tongue-in-cheek solo act, Dirty Blonde on Uke, at Burning Man art festival, she twists up genres on the ukulele and updates the lyrics to old jazz tunes. Backed by members of the band Gooferman on toys and junk percussion, one can usually find her on stage at most Burning Man events.

Belinda landed a publishing deal with Rescue Records in L.A. which licenses her songs for tv and film. She currently writes and records in her home/studio/cottage perched on the Bay and performs regularly with her bands.